Thermal Fat Reduction Gel 120G

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Lipodrine was designed to target those stubborn fat areas that you just cant get
rid of.

Ingredient: Caffeine Anhydrous , Acetyl Carnatine HCL ,
Yohimbine HCL , Rasberry ketone , Capsaicin , Benzyl Nicotinate , Transcutol P ,
Cosmoperine , Cinnmeldehyde.

Dosage: You apply 8 pumps (4ml) gel to the area that you wish for 45 min prior to exercise, twice a day for
optimum results. Shake well before use

Warning: Do not exceed 16pumps per day. May cause skin to become red and flushed with a sensation of heat. These effects will disapate. Wash hands thoroughly before and after application. Do not apply to neck or facial area.


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